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JDCTek Royal Oak MI Computer Sales | Computer Repair & More


JDCTek Managed PC Care will keep your computers and server’s secure, up to date and running at their peak.


Managed PC Care

JDCTek Managed PC Care around the clock maintenance for a phenomenal, budget friendly annual fee! We have been working for many months to provide our current and new customers a solution that will give them the best computer experience.  We have a combined over 21+ years of experience working in an array of environments to support your needs. 


Microsoft Windows Update

Microsoft updates which come out the second Tuesday of every month are vital to your computer are sometimes ignored or optional patches and service packs are never installed. Now with zero interaction from our clients we will handle installing these critical updates on a schedule which will fix flaws in the Operating System and also add system features.  


Automatic 3rd Party Updates

All of your important programs will be automatically updated when updates become available, instead of dealing with annoying 3rd party pop-ups all the time.  This includes and is not limited to Adobe products, Microsoft products, Java, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Antivirus and more…


JDCTek Cloud Backup – optional

JDCTek cloud backup with safely store all of your PC and Server data in a world class encrypted cloud environment. This optional add-on can backup 1-4 PC’s or 1 Server.  After the first full backup this continuous backup service will run every 15 minutes for the absolute best and latest cloud backup solution.


Hardware Monitoring

Many of your system’s components can overheat, or fail – such as your hard drive, memory or processor.  Our monitoring software will alert us of hardware issues so that we can alert you, while ( in most cases ) there’s still time to save all of your valuable data! Most problems start small and can be address before causing downtime, or work interruptions. 


Security Monitoring

Rest assured that your anti-virus, and anti-malware programs are kept up-to-date with the latest patches. If we see signs of a threat, there’s a much greater chance we can eliminate it quickly before it can get it’s hooks into the system, causing time consuming, costly damage. With 3rd Party patching and Windows updates managed by JDCTek we will keep everything secure.


Clutter Cleaning

As you create new documents, visit websites, install new programs, and check your email – garbage files, history, and cookies fill up your hard drive and it becomes fragmented. New programs get added and start up automatically.  Keeping up on keeping clutter at bay is a tedious task, but a worthwhile one. We will monitor and clean the system periodically to keep your systems running fast and trouble-free.


No User Interaction

We can perform almost everything behind the scenes and will require little to no interaction from the users of the PC or Server being maintained.  No employee, user, or workplace interruptions. You wouldn’t even know we were there, except that your systems miraculously keep working fast and flawlessly!  We look forward to providing the best possible support and maintenance JDCTek has to offer for your home, or business computers. 

Choose Your Service

JDCTek Business Managed PC Care
JDCTek Managed PC Care
JDCTek Managed ESET Endpoint Antivirus

DISCLAIMER: Proactive Maintenance does NOT mean unlimited support. Our hourly remote and onsite rates apply for additional, or unrelated support needs. The technology of today was not designed to last forever. It has its flaws. Networks go down.. Hackers keep hacking and devoloping new ways to get past even the best security measures in place. At JDCTek we pride ourselves on giving you the best possible, affordable solutions to keeping your computers and businesses running smoothly with the least possible downtime.

General Support Services
  • Wireless Router Setup and Security
  • Laptop and Desktop Hardware Repair
  • Digital Camera Installation and Training
  • Hardware Upgrades ( Memory, CPU, DVD-RW )
  • Custom Built Computer Solutions
  • Printer Installation and Training
  • Scanner Installation and Training
  • Computer Training
  • New Computer un-box and Setup
  • General Computer Support
Residential & Business Services
  • JDCTek signature Optimizations
  • CAT6 wiring for new construction, or current office suites
  • Hosted Exchange email migration
  • Computer and Network Inventory and Assessment
  • Wired and Wireless Network Upgrades
  • Network Storage (on-site) and Cloud Backup Solutions
  • Computer Procurement and Standardization
  • Software Upgrades and Installation
Data Cabling

**JDCTek provides top quality cabling and careful planning for premium network wiring jobs that are guaranteed to last with 100% reliability**


  • Premium CAT6 cables (less EMI)
  • Patch panels
  • Switches
  • Firewalls
  • Wireless Access Points
  • Routers
  • NAS (network attached storage)
  • IP Cameras (indoor or outdoor)


*Thinking about having a commercial, retail, or office space wired for all of your computers to communicate on a reliable network?

Please don’t hesitate to call JDCTek for a quote today!*

MS Hosted Exchange

For a minimal monthly expense we can help you migrate your current POP, or IMAP email over to a Microsoft Hosted Exchange account. The benefits are countless.

  • Increased redundancy –  Eliminate email downtime knowing Microsoft’s data centers are supporting your email on secure servers in the cloud.
  • Security – multi-layered spam filtering and constant updates and patches keep you protected from unwanted email and attachments. authentication is done over secure channels rather than in plain text like POP email (which leaves you susceptible to attacks).
  • Email Everywhere – ActiveSync provides real-time syncronization for your smartphone or tablet allowing you to get your emails on-the-go as they come in.
  • Push mail – This ensures that all emails go to your inbox immediately, instead of on a timed schedule as with POP mail (aol, gmail, yahoo, ect..)
  • Contact and Calendar Sync – Add a contact, or appointment on one device, and the change happens automatically and instantly on all PCs, smartphones, and tablets with Exchange.

**If you’re interested in knowing more about MS Hosted Exchange, or are ready to set up an appointment to migrate from your current email, please give us a call. We’d be happy to help you take this step to ensure better work productivity with less email downtime and glitches.**

Virus and Spyware Removal

You will hear many words in relation to computer viruses – such as trojans, worms, rootkits and adware (to name a few). All of these are classified as “Malware”. Malware is malicious code that hackers use to exploit your systems for the sole purpose of stealing data, or causing corruption. Many IT companies will quickly patch you up in an hour and tell you that the viruses are gone and you’re all set. In most cases it’s not this “cut and paste”. In reality, many of the newer, and nastier viruses of today leave behind traces so that after a PC tech runs a removal tool, the next day you could become re-infected. At JDCTek we realize that our clients deserve more than a bandaid when they’re spending money to have their computers cleaned up. That’s why we take whatever time necessary to weed out all traces of the malware from your systems with multiple sophisticated tools. We make a point to educate users on the best virus protection to use and what not to do in order to keep your PCs free of malware.

If you’re getting advertisements and pop-ups continuously appearing on the screen, or noticing the PC is acting sluggish, when before it was fast – these are signs that you should give our technicians a call to take a look.

Why do my clients choose JDCTek as their IT Solutions provider?

The level of service and attention to detail are just some of the traits my clients have come to love about JDCTek.  With a passion for performance we will enhance and optimize computers we sell or repair so you receive the most benefits from your technology.    We ensure that all work is completed on-time or ahead of schedule with the least distraction to your business or family’s usage.   With over 18 years of corporate and residential PC and network support you can rest assured we will handle all of your needs in a professional, patient and proficient manner.

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