Are you ready to purchase a high quality computer?

JDCTek is here to educate and recommend the best computer solutions with the industry’s most comprehensive warranty, support and technical expertise you would expect from JDCTek – Your Computer Doctor.

JDCTek Business Solutions

We will listen to your needs and prescribe the computer solution for your unique situation every time. Contact us today and we will send out our recommendations at no cost to you.

Quality Products & Support

All computers JDCTek sells come with a 3 Year Hardware Warranty in which Dell comes to your home or business and replaces any parts needed instead of dropping off a computer at a store and waiting a couple weeks.

JDCTek is proud to be a Premier Authorized Reseller of Dell laptops and desktops. We have helped over 700 clients over the last 5 years regain control of their technology and obtain the highest quality equipment.

Make your computer purchase complete with our JDCTek System Optimization™

Through over a decade of custom configuring software and Microsoft Operating Systems to run their best, I have gathered all of the performance enhancements and modifications necessary for you to get the most out of your computer system. These modifications will improve stability, security and performance of your PC. There are over 500 modifications that are performed on your computer which take between 3-5 hours. I remove the bloatware and utilities not needed which are preloaded from the factory which slow down computers and can cause application conflicts.

My clients understand that I am creating a one of a kind solution for them to enjoy and benefit from for years to come.

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