About Us

     I started JDCTeK in May of 2007 because I wanted to provide small businesses and home users with the same technology advantages corporate offices benefit from. Being the type of person who wants the best of everything, I suggest no less for my clients when looking to purchase computers or peripherals. I stay current with evolving technologies which allows me to take the stress off my clients’ decision making.

     Here is a little about me and how I got here: I have been building and supporting computers since 1993, and I have worked in corporate IT jobs for over a decade, beginning in 1998. I have had the opportunity in my career to work for many companies such as Rockwell, Ford, Domino’s Headquarters, RWD, ABL Electronic, Pfizer and Budco. Each company I worked at and each position I held was unique and allowed me to learn best practices in a wide range of environments.

     My passion for optimizing computers and my attention to detail make my solutions unique, and is the principal reason my clients continue to come back to JDCTeK.


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